Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where I Am From


I am from chocolate milk at the Michigan Union, sliding down the law school steps and the Mayflower.

I am from Christmas Eve parties, a big sandbox, Lakehurst Lane.

I am from the cosmos, zinnias, blacked-eyed susans.

I am from camping on Suttons Bay, reading,
From Sparks, Stillwagon, Howarth and Paschall, and Big Ten Football.

I am from the teasing and laughter,
From you can do anything and we don't do that.

I am from the Vicar and Easter incense, piano lessons and an opera.

I am from Fisher Body and Chorley, mince pie and Boston baked beans,
From the orphan of the violin teacher, robbing the Union payroll, Pocahontas, Prince Edward Island.

I am from snowstorms, Indian summers, thinking big and staying safe,
From a swimming pool on Candlewood, Little House on the Prairie and Marjorie Morningstar.

I am from the 7th congressional district and women who live forever.

Writing prompt from Mama's Losin It Writer's Workshop